An integrative approach to cellular signalling and control processes: Bringing computational biology to the bench.

It is increasingly being recognised that progress of modern day biology will require the understanding and harnessing of the interaction networks between genes and proteins and the functional systems that they generate. Given the complexity of even the most primitive living organism, it is unreasonable to expect that we might, in the near or even medium term, reach such knowledge at the level of an entire cell. However, a significant “grasp” at the “system” level should be achievable by applying an integrated approach to the analysis of a few well defined and biologically important cellular processes.
COMBIO is a 3,5-year project funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme, drawing together a multidisciplinary team with the major goal of bringing computer models and simulations to the experimental community. The focus is on two biological systems: the p53-Mdm2 regulatory network and the self-organisation process whereby chromatin controls microtubule nucleation and organisation.

42 months

EU Funding
1.998.000,00 Euros

Start Date
1st March 2004

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